Michael Bluemling, Jr. | Blown Cover in the Hiring Process
Michael Bluemling, Jr., is a former Sergeant of Soldiers and author of "Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian," who overcame abuse to become a success story, after his transition from soldier to civilian. He shares his insight with fellow veterans, to help them through this arduous process, successfully.
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Blown Cover in the Hiring Process

Blown Cover in the Hiring Process

We have a serious problem in America that needs to be addressed and it involves the way that individuals are being recruited and hired into critical positions across the United States. As an Investigator for the US Department of Labor-OFCCP for the previous four years I have seen enough unethical behavior from companies who say that they promote diversity and fair labor practices to make your head spin. The bottom line is that the majority of both government contractors and non-government contractors will do anything just to get by.

Companies are not concerned with the rational behind an ethical hiring process, they are only concerned with how they can find the loop holes that allow them to do whatever they want, in terms of who they select as their “most qualified” applicant and the system they utilize to do so. As an applicant you think that you are doing all of the right things in order to be hired into a company that has the job you have been working so hard to be hired into. You have sacrificed summer vacations to take an extra class in June and also have taken lower paying jobs with the hope of reaching your career goals sooner rather than later. We have all been there and the results are mixed.

The main problem is that all of your sacrifices are basically going to waste as we live in a society that does not stand up to big business. Rather we cower under pressure and even take minimal salaries just to pay the bills. We do not put enough pressure on our political leaders to take action and back up laws, regulations, and bills that are passed in both the House and Senate to ensure that diversity is put into practice.

We have employment laws that are supposed to protect veterans, individuals with a disability, woman and minorities. These laws were passed with the intention to ensure equal opportunity is afforded to everyone in this country. However, these laws are not seriously enforced and the “Big” corporations know the government will not stand up to them in court, because they equally need each other. Yes, there are small settlements on employment cases. However, these cases do not even scratch the surface on the problems that are on going.

Our children and even our colleagues who make up the working class of America are paying astronomical prices to get higher education that is totally disregarded. News Flash-Most companies post jobs on job boards and through state employment agencies as a requirement with little to zero intention of ever hiring an applicant referred to them. They know the system and they play it well. Most companies do not even bother to post the jobs, because they figure “nobody will regulate me anyway so why does it matter”.

Have you asked your employer to see their Affirmative Action Plan recently? Do you know that your co-workers are making more money than you for doing the same job with the same experience and education? Are you being discriminated on based on sex, race, and or age? As employees of these big companies, we are scared to ask any of these questions, because the penalties could have severe consequences in our lives. Why is everything a company does behind the scenes such a secret and what happens to those that do question the process? Sadly what happens in most cases to those who stand up for themselves is that their performance ratings go down for no apparent reason and then they are eventually let go due to a “downsizing” or some other lame excuse.

Is it fair as a society to continue to allow this to occur? Is it fair to work for a company and make commitments that they do not return the favor on? Is it fair to lose your entire pension and benefit package, because someone younger who is a friend of the CEO wants to work for the company? These are the realities of what we are facing. These are real facts based on first hands experience from both sides of the fence. The only way for these practices to be stopped is to stand up for our rights as American Citizens and not lose focus on the lives that were lost by our brave men and woman to protect our way of life both domestically and abroad. Freedom is not an entitlement, but a privilege.

“With great power, comes great responsibility” Unknown


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