Michael Bluemling, Jr. | Heart to Heart with God: Day 108_Letting Go
Michael Bluemling, Jr., is a former Sergeant of Soldiers and author of "Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian," who overcame abuse to become a success story, after his transition from soldier to civilian. He shares his insight with fellow veterans, to help them through this arduous process, successfully.
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Heart to Heart with God: Day 108_Letting Go

Heart to Heart with God: Day 108_Letting Go

by Michael Bluemling Jr.

365 Days of Reflection Towards God’s Love and Acceptance
~June 4, 2014-June 3, 2015~

Day 108- West Palm Beach, Florida: Letting Go

How many times today will we reflect on our past, 10 or maybe even 20 times? We are so consumed by our previous actions that we do not allow the decisions that we make today to affect tomorrow in a positive way due to our worrying. We sabotage our future, because we are so caught up with yesterday’s mistakes. God wants nothing more than for us to learn from our mistakes, as we let go of our pain through Jesus Christ.

God takes our pain and replaces it with a love that takes us higher and higher towards reaching all of our hopes and dreams in this world. When we take the initiative to allow God to heal us, we are setting the stage for a life filled with hope and not regret. It is seeing and believing in what is not seen. It is realizing that our lives are shaped by a power or force that is greater than anything we could ever imagine through God. We have a wonderful life full of opportunities and when we trust God, we are healed. Likewise, when we forgive ourselves as God has forgiven us through the death of Jesus on the cross, we are made whole.

God’s love for us is everlasting and the love from God is never situational or only here for the moment. God’s love for each and every one of us is eternal. God is Not Dead! He is alive and well, because God dwells and lives within us. We are a part of God and when we let go, He is pleased. We must break free from the chains of our past and just allow the Lord to do His job, while we do ours.

When we are stuck in a rut all we have to do is think or even whisper our prayers for God to take over. It is that simple. So why do we make things so complicated? We are humans and by nature we want to fix everything. However, there are certain elements of life that are not for us to correct. We are not God and we must submit to our Father through our faith as we continue to walk along our journey.

Reflection Day #108
Three takeaways towards your journey with God:
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