Michael Bluemling, Jr. | Heart to Heart with God: A Journey Towards Acceptance Day 69
Michael Bluemling, Jr., is a former Sergeant of Soldiers and author of "Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian," who overcame abuse to become a success story, after his transition from soldier to civilian. He shares his insight with fellow veterans, to help them through this arduous process, successfully.
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Heart to Heart with God: A Journey Towards Acceptance Day 69

Heart to Heart with God: A Journey Towards Acceptance Day 69

365 Days of Reflection Towards God’s Love and Acceptance
~June 4, 2014-June 3, 2015~

Day 69- West Palm Beach, Florida:

Relationships on Earth create some of the most complex problems that we may encounter in this world. It is so difficult to both follow our hearts and listen to God at the same time, when the two conflict with each other on occasion. This situation usually leads us to the following question. Is it easier to stay in a committed relationship with a loved one or should we just give up and move on, if we are not happy? This is not an easy decision and one that people wrestle with as they pray to God for months or even years before ultimately making their decision.

It is very difficult to follow your faith and not give up on the person that means so much to you. The truth is that, no one ever really wants to be hurt or to also hurt another person that we love so deeply. God teaches us to not get divorced and to stay committed to one another, no matter the circumstance. However, once trust is broken in a relationship it is extremely challenging to forgive, as Jesus Christ teaches us. The deciding questions really come down to two things: 1. How does God feel about our decision, and 2. How do we overcome our weaknesses in order to stay committed to the man or woman that we were meant to meet for one reason or another?

Through prayer we will come to realize what the right choice will be and it may take a lot of personal reflection to understand what God is trying to tell us. In relationships we have an obligation to one another through a commitment to love unconditionally and also to protect each other no matter the circumstances. The good times can sometimes make the bad times seem not so bad and vice versa. Love is a double-edged sword, it can uplift us and it can equally destroy us, if we are not in the right frame of mind with God with us together as one.

We should trust and love God first, and second believe in the person whom we love through mutual prayer, in order for the relationship to move forward in difficult times. No one man or woman is perfect and we all make mistakes. We should never stand for any abuse or neglect in a relationship, but we can forgive those who have fallen short of our expectations, just as we have asked others for their forgiveness on many occasions as well throughout our own lives. We should ultimately hold on to the ones we love and find new ways to love our partner with no regrets, with God guiding our hearts towards the ultimate decisions that we make in our lives.

Reflection Day #69
Three takeaways towards your journey with God:
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