Michael Bluemling, Jr. | Heart to Heart with God: A Journey Towards Acceptance Day 85
Michael Bluemling, Jr., is a former Sergeant of Soldiers and author of "Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian," who overcame abuse to become a success story, after his transition from soldier to civilian. He shares his insight with fellow veterans, to help them through this arduous process, successfully.
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Heart to Heart with God: A Journey Towards Acceptance Day 85

Heart to Heart with God: A Journey Towards Acceptance Day 85

by Michael Bluemling Jr.

365 Days of Reflection Towards God’s Love and Acceptance
~June 4, 2014-June 3, 2015~

Day 85-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: The Long Road Ahead

How often have you heard the saying, “if it was so easy everyone would do it”? The road we travel along within our faith is not an easy road and can be very stressful to say the least. There are days we get no sleep and we wonder if we will ever make it through to the other side. It really is a challenge to get through some days and even harder to deal with extreme adversity that pops up on a daily basis.

It is so easy to get exhausted from the heavy workloads that we are faced with in the 21st century. Also, with such a high demand placed on us, ever changing work environments, living situations, and relationship responsibilities we are a very busy society that barely has a minute to breathe as we go-go-go. God really wants us to slow down and relax in order to enjoy the world that He has created for us. We get so caught up on the details and as they say, “the devil is in the details”. Did you ever stop and consider what that actually means?

The devil is constantly attempting to substitute God’s love for his empty promises. Our long road ahead can only be sidetracked if we allow this to happen. We must accept the burdens that are placed upon us a blessing that drives us forward when we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. The only way to survive is to put our complete trust in God without resentment towards the cross we must bear in order to be sanctified.

Our faith is our sword against the enemy. Who goes into battle with a sword for offense and a shield for defense? God is both our sword as He slays our dragons, so to speak, and protects us from the traps set by satan. God’s love is always a part of whom we are and without the hope received from Jesus throughout our journey we will not survive through the winter solstice.

Lord, we pray that you bless all of the families who are struggling to stay strong in their times of difficulty. Amen.

Reflection Day #85
Three takeaways towards your journey with God:
1. ___________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________
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