Michael Bluemling, Jr. | Heart to Heart with God: Day 172_Rhyme and Reason
Michael Bluemling, Jr., is a former Sergeant of Soldiers and author of "Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian," who overcame abuse to become a success story, after his transition from soldier to civilian. He shares his insight with fellow veterans, to help them through this arduous process, successfully.
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Heart to Heart with God: Day 172_Rhyme and Reason

Heart to Heart with God: Day 172_Rhyme and Reason

by Michael Bluemling Jr.

183 Days of Reflection Towards God’s Love and Acceptance
~June 4, 2014-December 3, 2014

Day 172- Richmond, Virginia: Rhyme and Reason

As we begin to wind down the time that we have with those we love the most, we begin to realize the importance of letting go and life after death. It is very difficult to sit back and watch as someone who means so much to us suffers. It is very painful to go through, but we all know that in life all good things must come to an end in order for a new beginning to start. In these moments we wonder and pray in those final days if the person we care about will go to Heaven?

Does our faith teach us that we all are forgiven and we all will go home to our Father or does our faith teach us that it is up to God to decide who enters the Kingdom and who does not? Whatever the rhyme or reason is, there comes a point that we realize that there is or was a calling to the life that we lead in this world. There is a purpose for every person who comes into our lives and there is a strong understanding that we all must accept that our time here is limited. In doing so we must also take advantage of every opportunity we have in our lives, in order to love more than we hate.

When a person leaves this world it is not a time to mourn, rather it is a time to celebrate. Celebrate the good times that we shared with this person that meant so much to us. Celebrate the ups and downs of life that we had the opportunity to witness from our individual perspective. Letting go does not mean forgetting or erasing those memories, rather it is the process of allowing God to take over as He sees fit. We may not know what will occur when we pass, but we do know that we will be in great hands. The fear of not knowing only consumes us if we let it. On the other hand, through faith we know that there is nothing really to be afraid of to begin with.

Reflection Day #172
Three takeaways towards your journey with God:
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