Michael Bluemling, Jr. | Opportunities Limited?
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Opportunities Limited?


Opportunities Limited?

When soldiers return, are they being treated unfairly from your perspective? Do you think they have all of the resources and opportunities available compared to a recent college grad with limited work experience, in some cases? If the resources and educational opportunities are there, then where’s the disconnect? How do we increase the number of quality job opportunities for veterans once they’ve transitioned from the military?

These are all legitimate questions and the answers may not all come from one place. As a society we sometimes get caught up on statistics and though great information comes from data, it does not always tell the entire story. Sometimes it is the subtle, yet impactful, resources that encompass the humanity of life between one human being to another that makes all of the difference. Sure, we have most of the processes in place to help our veterans succeed, but we are not always efficient in our administration of these opportunities.

Communication is a two-way street. So when we put information out and we do not wait for the response, are we really living out what we say we stand for? We have to be willing to receive feedback to excel. If we fail to listen, we fail to grow.

When I transitioned from the military, the best resource I had were people who pointed me in the right direction. Every opportunity occurred because someone took the time to listen and they were committed to helping a veteran. It was the little things which made the opportunity real. If it’s just a “pray and spray” approach, the results most likely will be unfavorable. However, when opportunities are abundant, it’s usually the result of a commitment to be in the right place at the right time.

You have to keep climbing and ethically reaching for your goals. Never give up and always find the silver lining in every circumstance. Having the right attitude and perspective leads to a good result. If you fail and learn something valuable, you did not fail. The opportunities are there and the only difference is persistency, desire and keeping the faith that you will win no matter the obstacle.

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